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What are IDN Domains?
An IDN Domain (Internationalised domain nam...

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IDN(special-characters) support

What are IDN Domains?
An IDN Domain (Internationalised domain names) is an Internet domain name that contains at least one language-specific script or alphabet, such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian etc. or a Latin based with accented characters such as Spanish. The domain names are created using an encoding system, this means the domains are created in ascii and start with 'xn--' but display in a browser in their native language form.
Why register IDN Domains?
Although the Internet was founded on the English language, only 10% of the world's population are native English speakers. The most spoken language in the world today is Chinese, which uses a completely different character set than the Latin alphabet that English uses. Imagine trying to access the Internet, but being unable to read or write English and having to type in foreign characters to access websites. International domains are the solution to this problem. As of 2012, over 70% of the world's Internet users were non-English speakers. As Internet usage rises around the world, that number will likely grow, making international domains a big opportunity. Registering your international domain is the best way to connect with a non-English speaking audience because not only will your website be in their native language, but your domain will be too.

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